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Charming Small-Town Downtown Somerset, Kentucky - A Picturesque Urban Center


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Somersplash Waterpark in Somerset, Kentucky - A Fun-Filled Waterpark Adventure
Summer Boating on Lake Cumberland - Scenic Lake Views with Boats Enjoying the Season
International Paranormal Museum in Somerset, Kentucky - A Mysterious and Intriguing Museum Exterior

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One of my very favorite cities that we service is Somerset, Kentucky. It's only about 30 minutes away from our house, but every time we go to Somerset, I feel like we are setting off on a vacation. I think that has something to do with the fact that two of my VERY favorite "Summer Vacation" pastimes call Somerset Kentucky home. Lake Cumberland and Somersplash Water Park are two things that I love dearly, and if we head to your house to do an HVAC maintenance or an HVAC service call, I might just wear my bathing suit under my uniform just in case! Oops and don't let me forget to mention the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center, get this: It's a blast! 

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