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3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Outdoor HVAC Unit- HVAC Maintenance

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Sometimes, I feel a little bit bad for outdoor HVAC units. I mean, the indoor unit is usually tucked away nicely in a closet, attic, basement or even crawlspace. It's away from the weather, and usually gets it's filter changed regularly. The poor outdoor unit, however, is stuck out in the backyard where no one ever even pays it a bit of attention. Don't neglect your poor little outdoor unit- here are four tips to extend the life of your outdoor unit!

Outdoor HVAC Unit Maintenance  Sparks Heating and Air
Outdoor HVAC Unit Maintenance by Sparks Heating and Air

  1. Keep Three Feet Of Clear Space Around The Outdoor Unit- This is super important, and can be hard in the summer months when there is a lot of overgrowth in most of our yards. Dead leaves, grass and other yard debris can build up around the outdoor unit and cause airflow problems. Try to leave at least 2-3 feet of space around all sides of the outdoor unit to allow the unit room to breathe, and also to allow room for an HVAC technician to access all sides of the unit. A leaf blower is a great way to keep things clear around this area.

  2. Watch Where Your Pets Potty- This is a huge issue for homeowners who are also pet parents. Dogs who do their business on the outdoor unit can cause the metal from the unit to literally corrode away and disintegrate. Both the copper coil and the aluminum fins can quickly break down with this kind of repeated action from pets. Try to keep your pets away from the unit as much as possible. If it is a problem, consider building a small fence around the area or blocking it off from pets. Give us a call if you are already seeing signs of corrosion on your outdoor unit, or if you would like us to check for confirmation.

  3. Schedule Regular Maintenance- At least twice per year, the outdoor unit should be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. This is usually easiest to be done once in the fall, before the winter heating season, and then again in the spring, before the summer cooling season. Regular maintenance can really help to extend the life of your entire HVAC system, not just the outdoor unit. Sparks Heating and Air offers both once a year and twice a year maintenance plans, as well as monthly plans if you would like to replace your filter every thirty days.

Keep these tips in mind to help extend the life span of your outdoor HVAC unit. You can also give us a call or text us anytime if you have questions!

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