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5 Summer HVAC Savings Tips For Homeowners

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Well there's no doubt about it, we are in the dog days of Summer. As the temperature goes up, so can your energy bills. It can definitely be pricey to run your HVAC system during the summer months. Most of us just suck it up and pay the extra costs during the hot months of the year, but there are also a few things that homeowners can do to save on energy bills! Read on for a few HVAC tips!

man staying cool in hot summer by drinking water from water bottle
Stay Cool This Summer With Regular HVAC Maintenance

  1. Change Those Filters- You knew we were going to say it! Changing your HVAC air filter monthly can help to keep your unit running as good as it possibly can during the summer months. A dirty or clogged filter has to work harder, and can be cause of increased energy bills, so definitely change that filter monthly. If you are looking for HVAC filter change services in Central Kentucky, give us a call and we can get you on a monthly filter maintenance plan so you never forget!

2. Bump Your Temperature Up- Being completely honest, we are not a huge fan of this tip, but it can really help save money on energy bills! We like to keep the AC set around 68 degrees during the summer months, especially after a day of working outside in the heat. However, experts say that bumping that temperature up a few degrees on your thermostat can really save a lot of money. Keeping the AC setting around 72-74 degrees is recommended most of the time, with some experts saying to bump the thermostat up even higher when you are out of the house. This one can really help, but as someone with a naturally hot nature, it might make us a little cranky!

3. Switch To A Programmable Thermostat- Going hand in hand with tip #2, programmable thermostats can really help with energy costs, since you can set them to turn the temperature up when you are not at home, or at night when you are sleeping. There are tons of options for programmable thermostat installation, and we can help if you give us a call or shoot us a text!

honeywell home programmable HVAC thermostat with green backlight

4. Do Your Part- There are a few free and easy things you can do at home to save money on your Summer HVAC costs. If you try to leave your curtains and blinds closed for as much of the day as possible, that can really help. Also, try to refrain from cooking, baking or doing anything inside the house that will increase the indoor temperature. If you have fans, use those as well to help keep a breeze flowing. These things might seem small, but they can make a large difference!

5. Have Regular Maintenance By A Professional- There are a lot of things you can do on your own to save money on your energy bills, but sometimes it IS a good idea to call in a professional. At least twice a year (normally in the Spring and Fall months), you should have a maintenance service done on your HVAC system to keep it in peak condition for both heating and cooling seasons. This maintenance can include checking your electrical connections and cleaning both your indoor and outdoor coils to keep them in tip top shape. If you need HVAC Maintenance in Central Kentucky, reach out today!

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