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My HVAC Unit Is Frozen! What Do I Do Now?

Few things can be more perplexing than discovering your HVAC unit has turned into an ice sculpture, especially when you're relying on it for comfort. Those Central Kentucky winters are no joke! A frozen HVAC unit is a common issue, but fret not - we've got your back. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to thaw out the freeze and get your system back on track.

**1. Turn Off the System: The moment you notice ice buildup on your HVAC unit, the first step is to turn off the system. Continued operation can cause damage to the components and decrease efficiency. Give your system a breather. This is also an important step to start thawing the unit out, since an HVAC pro will not be able to work on it if it is frozen.

**2. Check Airflow: Restricted airflow is a common culprit behind frozen HVAC units. Inspect air filters, vents, and ducts for blockages. Replace clogged filters, clear away obstructions, and ensure that vents are open and unobstructed. If you discover a dirty and clogged HVAC filter, this could very well be your culprit. Get that filter replaced right away!

**3. Thawing the Ice: While patience is a virtue, you don't want to wait forever for your unit to thaw. Gentle methods like using a hairdryer or placing towels soaked in warm water on the coils can expedite the process. Do not chip away at the ice, as this can damage the coils. If you would be more comfortable leaving the thawing to a pro, an HVAC technician can help get your unit thawed out once they arrive at your house.

**4. Inspect Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can lead to freezing. If you suspect this is the issue, it's time to call in the professionals. Low refrigerant levels often indicate a leak in the system and these leaks can cause the system to freeze up.

**5. Schedule Professional Maintenance: Prevention is the best cure. Regular HVAC maintenance can catch potential issues before they lead to a frozen unit. Schedule professional check-ups to keep your system running smoothly. The most common time frame for HVAC maintenance visits is twice per year, once in the Spring before A/C season, and once in the Fall, before heating season. Sparks Heating and Air offers a yearly maintenance program where we handle both of these visits for you every year, and you don't have to remember them!

**6. Consider Insulation and Ventilation: Inadequate insulation or poor ventilation can contribute to freezing. Assess your home's insulation and ventilation to ensure your HVAC unit is operating in an environment conducive to efficiency. This can definitely be a contributing factor to freezing.

Professional Help is a Call Away: When dealing with a frozen HVAC unit, it's crucial to seek professional assistance. Even if you get the system to unthaw and start back, that will not fix the problem that caused the freezing in the first place. Sparks Heating and Air is your trusted partner in HVAC solutions. Our team of experts is just a phone call away, ready to diagnose the issue, thaw out the freeze, and get your system back to optimal performance.

A frozen HVAC unit may feel like a chilling setback, but with the right steps, you can thaw it out and prevent a repeat performance. From checking airflow to scheduling professional maintenance, a little care goes a long way in keeping your HVAC system frost-free.

Don't let a frozen unit leave you in the cold – trust Sparks Heating and Air to bring warmth and comfort back to your home. Contact us today for expert HVAC assistance. Book online 24/7 or call/text (859) 771-1286 for fast reliable service!

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